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Fragrance de Energy is today, a highly respected name in fragrance industry. The company has a strong presence in all major domestic markets and exports to 10 countries world wide. Today, Fragrance de Energy produces a wide variety of fragrance lifestyle products to cater to just about every need and desire. The company operators from a modern 8000 square feet infrastructure and have a good distribution network and services. We are right now supplying our products to major hotel chains & Spas, Corporate, High End Retailers and lifestyle stores. High degrees of creativity backed by an abiding passion for quality and service have been the cornerstones of Fragrance de Energy enduring success. The company was the first to introduce Reed Diffuser concept in India. The company remains committed as ever to providing personalized service and meeting delivery schedules. On line are major growth plans to spread the company's magical fragrance to new markets .Indeed, the portfolio of Fragrance de energy operations is matched by the expanding horizons. The future unlimited in scope and vision.


1) Wide Range of Fragrances A company that has made waves with a fabulous range of wondrous fragrances. Each one created with total passion and dedication to mesmerize your senses no end. We maintain an inventory that includes exotic scents as well as our own special blends

2) Passionate about purity At FDE, our focus is on the purest, safest, best priced fragrances. Our Fragrances are free from adulteration.

3) Devoted to quality Manufacturing under the industry standards, our facility includes a state of the art laboratory.. We trace our fragrances through all stages of supply chain. Even today, the promoters personally supervise materials and operations at every stage. To ensure nothing but the very best. In every aspect, and respect.

4) Good Management Practices As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company we comply all the norms with passion.

5) Secure Supply Our customers are assured of responsive and timely delivery. We have tie-ups with all the major logistics companies and we can deliver the products according to the choice of our esteemed clientele.

6) Committed to research Innovation is an integral part of the way we add value to our customers business. Through Research, Development and design, we complement our client's services thus adding to their competitive advantage.

7) Technology Fragrance De Energy has set up a state of the art in house analysis facility comprising of GC, Refractometer, Polarometer, Chemical analysis equipments & other laboratory equipments. Our technology is aligned with the industry's best practice.

8) Customization We can even provide customized fragrances and Packaging according to the need of our client. For a instance, we can provide the client's logo on all our products making it more genuine.

9) Pricing Being in Fragrance Industry for a long and having a strong customer base, we are in a position to provide the best fragrances in competitive prices


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